About Us

Production Steel Rule Die Service, Inc (PSRD) opened its doors in the mid-cities of Euless, Texas in 1991 as a new breed of steel rule die makers. Founder and Owner Russell Owen had spent over 11 years working for another local die shop in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Unhappy with the treatment of fellow employees and seeing the typical, “just get it done and we will worry about it being wrong later” attitude, he decided to look at building a different kind of die shop for the public. He really enjoyed die making and viewed it as more of a craft and not just another job.

Starting out in the pre-CAD software days was difficult for a one-man shop, and in this industry, strumming up business proved to be even harder. Despite not having a reputation, he quickly showed customers who gave him a chance that he was really someone who cared about quality and wanted to do everything in his power to provide them with the best steel rule dies possible.

Over the years, as technology grew and experienced staff came aboard, although still a small company, it has grown tremendously. Combined, our staff has over 95 years of experience in the steel rule die making industry and has been providing quality, great customer service, quick turn around and competitive pricing for the last 18 years and counting.

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